Eating right after training can make a huge difference to you achieving your goals.


1) Remember that AFTER (not BEFORE!) training is the most important time to eat. We have enough stored energy on the body that most people can train without eating beforehand.

2) Aim to eat a carbohydrate meal or snack within 30 minutes of finishing your exercise. 


3) The amount you should eat depends on your weight, the type of exercise, as well as the length of your session. More intense or longer training = more refuelling required.

4) Contrary to what many people think. Eating carbohydrates is MORE important than eating protein post workout.

Some good options:

5) Foods such as dates, banana, white rice, sweet potato, sourdough or gluten free bread

6) Don't fear carbs! Especially when your body needs to be refulled. This will help to improve your energy, as well as recovery and repair.

Kate Johnston is a Naturopath, Clinical and Sports Nutritionist, Health Educator, Speaker and the founder of Kore Well-Being. She has immense passion for teaching people how to nurture and nourish their bodies on all levels. Find out more at