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5 Simple Ideas to Control Hunger!

5 Simple Ideas to Control Hunger!

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Why do some people seem able to control their hunger pangs, while others are driven to binge eating? (Despite the best intentions!) Appetite is a complex issue - but here are some super simple tips to staying in control.

  1. Consume protein and fat with each meal – this keeps you feeling fuller for longer and stabilises blood sugar levels
  2. Check your hydration – its easy to confuse hunger signals with thirst
  3. Unravel emotions – we eat for many reasons other than hunger… are you bored? Tired? Upset? Stressed? 
  4. Just Eat Real Food – artificial food ingredients can confuse your satiety signals. Basically your body doesn’t recognise them as food!
  5. Slow down! – digestion starts in the brain, so take some time to be present with your food, chew well and enjoy the process of eating.

Kate Johnston is a Naturopath, Clinical and Sports Nutritionist, Health Educator, Speaker and the founder of Kore Well-Being. She has immense passion for teaching people how to nurture and nourish their bodies on all levels. Find out more at