Exciting healthy options for your school canteen at wholesale prices.

We supply a dietitian-curated range of snacks and drinks designed for your school canteen. We make it easy to comply with all state guidelines such as the NSW Healthy School Canteen Guidelines. We're bursting with ideas and new products! Best of all, we'll help you display and market our products (free of charge) in a number of ways...

Cafe Concept

We'll create "cafe concept" displays inside your school canteen - plywood shelving, wooden crates, chalk boards, baskets, and even a green wall if you have the space! Custom solutions for any canteen.

Nutritional information

We provide simple nutritional information as "shelf-talker cards" to be displayed with every item. This learn about what makes a snack an "everyday" choice or an "occasional" choice

Online Content

Most of your orders placed online? We'll provide images and information to upload to your existing ordering system so parents can order from your new healthy range!                                              

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