Questions? Answers!

why is it called "gnibl"?

The name "gnibl" comes from the word nibble (meaning: "to have a little snack") and removing all the unnecessary letters. Just like we've removed all the unnecessary, bad foods from our menu and left just the best health snacks available. We've added the "g" which stands for "GOODNESS" but it's silent because the GOODNESS speaks for itself!



what does it cost?

There is no cost to your company. We only generate revenue from individual snack purchases. We will maintain, restock and service your machine promptly - all free of charge.

can I trial it?

Yes! We recommend a 90 day trial with no further obligation. But we bet your staff will LOVE it!

what snacks does it come with?

We've handpicked a great variety of delicious healthy snacks with the help of our dietitian and nutritionist.

Organic Veggie Chips ♥ Organic Sweet Potato Chips ♥ Popcorn ♥ Crunchy Kale Crisps ♥ 100% Freeze-Dried Fruit ♥ Beef Jerky ♥ Muesli Pods ♥ Hand-made Bliss Balls ♥ Raw & Roast Nuts ♥ Raw Chocolates ♥ Nut & Seed bars ♥ Granola Mixes ♥ Raw bars ♥ Protein Bars ♥ Spring Water ♥ Sparkling Water ♥ Ice Teas (No Added Sugar) ♥ Protein drinks ♥ 100% Fruit Juices ♥ Smoothies ♥ 100% Coconut Water ♥ Drinking Yogurt ♥ Dairy Alternative Drinks ♥ Whole Foods ♥ Soups ♥ And much more!

We are more than happy to tailor a machine around your specific requirements. We monitor sales in real time and will be quick to replace items that are not popular with new products that you will love. We cater to special dietary requirements (e.g. Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free) as well as nutritional goals (e.g. High in Protein, Fiber or No Added Sugar.)


where do you deliver?

We deliver to the greater Sydney area. If you work outside of Sydney, get in touch and we’ll see what we can do!

what snacks can I get?

We have a constantly growing range of carefully selected items from local and international suppliers. We believe in choice and taste. We know it gets boring and demotivating only eating raw fruit & nuts. We’re not feeding rabbits! We feed people! And we believe there are healthier versions of old time favourites like chips, jerky, nut bars and chocolates. Our boxes are sorted according to nutritional requirements such as Gluten-Free or No Added Sugar. Our delicious range is constantly changing but includes such tasty treats as Veggie chips, Fruit chips, Popcorn, Nuts, Roast seeds, Muesli Clusters, Chocolates, Nut bars, Health bars, Protein bars, Biltong and more!

can I choose what's in the box?

You pick your box and let us pick the snacks. If you receive anything you don't LOVE. Let us know and you'll never receive that same snack again. 

how many snacks do I get?

Each box comes in Small, Medium & Large. Check the box description to be sure. 

how do I order a box?

It’s easy! Click here to get started.

When will I get my box?

Expect your box within 2-3 business days of placing your order. If you require regular deliveries, we'll deliver your ongoing boxes according to your schedule. 

how do I cancel?

You can cancel your recurring deliveries at any time by giving us a call, or sending an email. If we've already packed and dispatched your box before we receive your request, that box will be your final charge.