No Added Sugar Box

Refined sugars have a bad rap these days - and for GOOD reason! We've carefully selected only the tastiest health snacks that are 100% free of added sugars. All these snacks are either sugar free or only contain natural sugars which also come with fibre and the natural goodness of wholefoods like berries and dates.


  • Sweet Potato & Veggie chips
  • Sea Salt Popcorn
  • Crispy Kale Chips
  • Dehydrated Strawberries and Mangos
  • No Added Sugar chocolate treats
  • Banana, Coconut, Walnut & Chia Slice
  • Cappuccino & Cacao treats
  • Raw Cacao and orange health bars
  • Raw cacao & coconut health bars
  • Apple + Plum fruit rollups
  • Raw & Roasted nuts (almonds, cashews, pepitas, peanuts)