Crunchy NUTS & SEEDS... in a bar!

Gnibl Nuts & Seeds Bar Web.png

Gnibl's very own lighter* nut bar.

Nuts and seeds make up one of the major food groups we all need, but looking at the available nut bars out there, it was impossible to find a bar that tasted good and wasn't heavy on calories.

Because all nut bars are sweetened (ours is sweetened with brown rice syrup and honey) they should be seen as "occasional foods" (or "sometimes foods") - that means their overall energy should be around 600kJ (or 143 calories). That's according to the Australian Dietary Guidelines. Most nut bars on the market are way higher than this*.

This was the reason we created our own bar - a smaller serving size, without any fake fibre additives (like inulin), with minimal sugar.

We're sure you'll love the crunch and the flavour of this dietitian-created bar which counts half a  serve towards your 2.5 to 3 recommended serves of proteins per day. 

Make snacking count!


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