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Healthy Snack Vending Machines

Two Gnibl vending machines that are fully stocked with healthy snack choices.
We know how hard it can be to eat healthy at work, especially with all the health food hype that makes it even harder to know what is actually good for you.But don’t worry! We have done the hard work for you by checking ingredients, running the numbers, and taste testing products to ensure you will enjoy all the snacks we supply. We’ve also utilised the guidance of our accredited practicing dietitian, so you can feel confident knowing the choices you make will be good ones.

Create a Happier, Healthier Environment with Gnibl

How Does it Work?

Gnibl Vending machine placed in an office workplace with two workers talking in the foreground.

Zip, Zilch, Zero!

A Gnibl healthy vending machine will cost you absolutely nothing to install, maintain, and restock! There is also no lock-in contacts or subscriptions, however, we recommend a 60-day trial to review how much people love it. When someone is craving a snack, they simply purchase their choice directly from the Gnibl machine.

Ongoing Support

Our high-tech vending machines contain smart sensors allowing us to monitor everything remotely including when your machine needs to be restocked. If there are any payment issues or a product does not vend, our friendly support team are just a phone call away to provide an immediate refund, 100% guaranteed.

Gnibl Vending machine placed in a workplace break area with a small white table
Gnibl Vending machine placed in an office environment with indoor plants, tables, and seating.

Get Started

Claiming your free healthy vending machine in Sydney is easy! Firstly, reach out to our friendly team to organise a site inspection. All your Gnibl machine will need is a single, standard power point and the perfect spot. From there, we’ll install your machine, and you
can start purchasing your delicious healthy snacks! (Plus a few treats too!) Yum!

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Show Me the Snacks

Every Gnibl machine is unique and supplied with a huge range of dietitian-curated snacks and drinks. You can customise your product range around dietary requirements and preferences, plus we can even include a ‘Naughty Corner’.

food slices

What Makes Gnibl Different

Promotional photo of a woman holding a green apple and a block of chocolate.
  • Dietitian Curated Range
  • Fully Refrigerated for Freshness
  • Wheel Chair Friendly on Large Units
  • State-of-the-Art Automated Software
  • Friendly Customer Care Just a Phone Call Away
  • Genuinely Healthy Options as well as Classic Treats
  • Multiple Size Units Offering Between 40-50 Snack Options
  • Snack Machines, Drink Machines, and Combination Machines
  • Refunds Issued Immediately Over the Phone (100% Guaranteed)
  • Multiple Payment Options incl. Credit Card, Smartphone, or Cash
  • Unique Staff Rewards Programmes

A Balanced Approach

At Gnibl we encourage healthier snacking choices, however we understand sometimes you
just need to eat something ‘naughty’. To keep everyone happy with the best of both worlds, your vending machine can include a Naughty Corner full of your favourite classic treats.

Take Workplace Wellness to the Next Level

Create a Culture That Cares

Providing healthier snacks makes staff feel valued and looked after. This improves staff retention, promotes your values, and attracts talented employees.

Improve Productivity

Healthy eating improves engagement, mental focus, and avoids mid-afternoon slumps. Studies show the healthiest employees work 3x more effective hours per month than the unhealthiest.

Reduce Absenteeism

75% of unplanned absences are for poor health. A healthy workforce reduces related costs and will reduce time spent out of the office on snack breaks!

What Our Customers Say

Gnibl Founder Nick Volpe with two women in front of a Gnibl vending machine in a workplace setting.

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