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Fuel your workforce with nutritious, high protein lunch and snack options.

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Snacking Solutions For Your Workforce

Gnibl vending machine

Fight hunger and ensure your workforce maintains their focus with Gnibl’s vending machine solutions! With a selected range of high-protein, nutritious snack options, we can customise your vending machine unit to suit the taste preferences of your crew. Through extensive research and taste testing, we can guarantee your team will love their new Gnibl vending machine.

Gnibl’s Vending Machines

Vending Machine Size Options

Ideal for your warehouse, factory or building site, Gnibl has exactly what you want, in the size you need. Our machines come in three different sizes for your convenience, including:




a fully stocked gnibl vending machine at a gym

Modern Design

Is your existing vending machine outdated? Does it only accept cash? Gnibl has the perfect solution for you with high-tech, user-friendly refrigerated machines. Our units come in three sizes, accept multiple payment options, have smart sensors to detect any issues and remote stock monitoring so we know when to top up your products. You don’t need to do a thing!

Location Requirements

Before installing your unit, our team will visit your location to discuss and plan where you’d like your Gnibl unit. The only requirement is a single, standard power point.

45 degree view of a stocked gnibl vending machine in a cafe

High Protein Lunch Options

Elevate your workforce’s productivity with high-protein, nutritious lunch options from a Gnibl vending machine. Our curated selection ensures your team stays energised and focused throughout the day. With a Gnibl vending solution, you not only provide your employees with convenience, but you ensure your staff have access to guilt-free, nutritious meals. Say goodbye to sluggish afternoons and hello to increased efficiency! With Gnibl, you’re not just feeding your workforce, you’re fuelling their success. Make the smart choice for your team’s well-being and productivity today!

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1. Chat with our friendly service team to organise a site inspection.

2. Our team will install your Gnibl vending machine for free and monitor stock levels utilising remote software.

3. You and your team can start purchasing delicious, nutritious and protein rich treats when required!

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