About Gnibl

About Gnibl

Our Mission

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Gnibl (pronounced ‘nibble’) is a young, Sydney-based company updating the vending machine business to the 21st Century. We champion innovative technologies, payment systems and the most diverse product ranges available. We are passionate about customer care, and helping our customers make healthier snacking choices to support healthy, happy lives.

Our mission at Gnibl is to make healthy snacking more convenient than junk food in the workplace. We believe people deserve a better choice. We’re going to make that choice easy, by offering affordable, convenient, and mouth-watering delicious snacks!

Passionate About Nutrition

We actively search through hundreds of products, scores of supplier catalogues, farmers’ markets, health food shops, food blogs, nutritional panels, supermarkets, and specialty stores to find the healthiest, tastiest snacks out there and bring them directly to you.

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Why We Do It

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We believe making healthy snacking more accessible & exciting leads to better health outcomes for all. We’ve seen how hard it is to cut through the hype and really know what’s good for you. So, we’ve made it easy so you can enjoy with confidence.

Ultimately, we’re here to help you make better choices. But we’re also realistic and don’t expect everyone to only eat raw nuts and veggie sticks! We’ve found healthier alternatives to old-time favourites — chocolates, chips, snack bars, sweet, savoury – we’ve got you covered.

Meet Our Team

A portrait photo of Gnibl Founder Nick Volpe, smiling and standing in front of a leafy back drop.

Introducing Nick…

Hi! I’m Nick, the founder of Gnibl. I used to be a Reality TV Producer and during that time,
found myself doing some unusual things….

I’ve witnessed myths being busted, helped houses sell, and seen eligible bachelors fall in
love (then out of love, then in love again with someone different!). But of all this work, what truly moved me, was helping overweight Aussies challenge themselves and get fit on national television.

I produced 5 seasons of ‘The Biggest Loser Australia’ both within Australia and abroad. It
was such an honour working with some of the biggest winners I’ve ever met and watching was such an honour working with some of the biggest winners I’ve ever met and watching them smash personal barriers to transform themselves. With five seasons of experience, I understand just how hard it can be to eat well.

But the greatest irony was that while we were producing a show about weight-loss and health – the snacks available to crew & staff left a lot to be desired. Sugary soft drinks, lollies, biscuits, cupcakes, pies – it was all quick, easy food. But it came at a price. On long shoot days, when there was no other options, I saw it crush the crew’s morale. You can only fuel the body on lollies for
so long before you crash. It was a rare producer who didn’t put on unwanted weight by the end of a season, or who didn’t take all their sick days due to lagging health.

Good nutrition solves these problems. And good nutrition shouldn’t be hard! This inspired me to try make a bigger difference. To do something that could help a greater number of people. My belief is that it’s not difficult to eat well – as long as it tastes good, is affordable, and convenient. That’s my mission with Gnibl and I won’t let you down.

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Introducing Jenn…

Hi! I’m Jenn, the consulting Accredited Practicing Dietitian (APD, Acc SD) at Gnibl. Throughout my career I’ve held senior positions at both Nutrition Australia and the Healthy Kids Association and was instrumental in the roll-out and educational support of the NSW Healthy School Canteen Guidelines.

I’m honoured to be part of the Gnibl team, providing expertise and guidance in curating a genuinely healthy and exciting snack range for schools and businesses throughout Sydney. You’re welcome to reach out to me anytime via email.

Our Nutritional Philosophy

Our nutritional philosophy is based on the Australian Dietary Guidelines. We also believe every snack food should be both healthy and delicious. We’ve worked closely with Jenn, our Accredited Practicing Dietitian, to achieve just that.

when healthy met tasty

Our most important principal is ‘Do no harm’. To us, this means limiting the harmful nutrients often found in snacks – excess Kilojoules, Saturated Fats, Added Sugar, and Sodium. According to the Australian Dietary Guidelines, these are the key ingredients that make us overweight and unwell.

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Excess Kilojoules


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Saturated Fat

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Added Sugar

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Limit the Baddies

We believe in considering foods on a case-by-case basis, weighing the good with the bad. We love snacks that contribute to your daily nutritional needs. This means foods that contribute a significant serving of the key food groups: Proteins, Fruit, Veggies, Legumes, Nuts, Dairy, and Grains. When it comes to discretionary items (which we all need sometimes!) like chocolate, we focus on smaller serving sizes, overall presence in the range, and careful messaging.

Increase the Goodies

We believe in choice and inspiring people to make better choices on their own. We do this by offering an exciting wide range of products, keeping our prices as affordable as possible, and never compromising on taste.

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Whole Food Groups

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Smart Serving Sizes

A Balanced Approach

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Some workplaces aren’t ready to go all in on a healthy vending machine. So we can offer a mixed range – both healthy and treats! Encourage healthier choices and keep everyone happy with the
best of both worlds. We’ll mark up your machine to clearly show the healthy section and the treats section. The choice is yours! We’ll cater to your needs – whether they are around special dietary requirements or to personal tastes.

What Our Customers Say

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