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A Healthier Snacking Solution

Fully stocked Gnibl vending machine in an office setting in Sydney.

Say goodbye to hungry team members and hello to Gnibl vending machines! Offering an extensive product selection of healthy choices from leading brands, we customise your unit to suit your wants and needs (including some sweet treats too!) After extensive research, investigation, and taste testing, we can guarantee that your team will love their new Gnibl vending machine. But what makes Gnibl different you ask?…

Gnibl Vending Machines

Size Options

Ideal for the office, gym, school, or campus, we’ve got what you need, in the size you need. Our Sydney vending machines come in three different sizes for your convenience including:




A Gnibl healthy vending machine in a workplace setting, stocked with snack options.

Modern, Intelligent Design

You can select the perfect vending solution for your office space with our three different sized Gnibl units to choose from. Our refrigerated, cutting edge machines are simple to use, have multiple options for payment including cashless payment options, contain smart sensors for any issues, and have remote stock monitoring software so our team can top up products when they are low. You don’t need to do a thing!

Location Requirements

Before installation, our team will visit your location to discuss where you would like to install your Gnibl unit. All we’ll need is a single, standard power point and the perfect spot!

A Gnibl combination vending machine stocked with healthy snack and drink options.

A Snacker's Paradise…

Rewards Program

Reward your team with 1 free healthy snack per day. Imagine how happy your team will be when you tell them…. “Hey everyone! From now on, you all get one free vending snack per day on us!”

How Does it Work?

1. You decide how many free vends per day you want to offer your team and we’ll set it up in the system

2. Share the good news! Staff can get excited and choose to OPT IN to the program

3. Team members will receive an SMS with their unique link to the rewards app

4. At the end of each month we’ll invoice you for the snacks vended via the rewards app

**If your staff don’t claim their free snack, you don’t get charged!

Enquire About Our Rewards Program

A happy customer crouched in front of a Gnibl combination vending machine after making a snack purchase.

Tailored to Your Team

When partnering with Gnibl for your office snacks, we work with you to stock the perfect range of products for your team. Whether your Sydney based office contains up to 100 people or you’re a large corporation, Gnibl can cater to the greater Sydney metro area.

Our high-tech, refrigerated vending machines are supplied to your office free of charge and you can choose from our snack machines, drink machines, or combination machines. Ensuring your units are regularly stocked with new, exciting products is part of our great service and is sure to keep everyone happy.

A Gnibl vending machine positioned next to another vending machine in a workplace lunchroom setting.

Dietary Requirements

Every Gnibl vending machine is unique as we’re more than happy to customise your machine to meet your dietary needs. We can cater to all sorts of guidelines such as the NSW Healthy School Canteen Guidelines or the Healthy Food and Drink in NSW Health Facilities for Staff and Visitors Framework. We can also cater to vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, or any other options you need!

Let’s Get Started

Claiming one of our healthy vending machines in Sydney workplace’s is easy!

1. Chat with our friendly team to organise a site inspection

2. Our team will install your Gnibl vending machine for free and monitor stock levels utilising remote software for ongoing support

3. You and your team can start buying healthy, delicious snacks, treats and refreshing drinks when you need an energy boost. Simple!

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Numerous empty Gnibl vending machines lined up next to one another in a warehouse setting.
Gnibl Founder Nick Volpe with two women in front of a Gnibl vending machine in a workplace setting.

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