Healthy Snack Supply

Keen to Try our Healthy Snacks?

Healthy Snack Supply

Keen to Try our Healthy Snacks?

School Canteen Supplies

A selection of some of the healthy snack options that are available from Gnibl.

Nourish the students at your school with a dietitian-curated range of snacks and drinks designed for school canteens which comply with state guidelines including the NSW Healthy School Canteen Guidelines.

We’re bursting with ideas and new products which the students love and best of all, we’ll help you display and promote the new healthy range!

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Workplace Wholesale Healthy Snacks

Vending Machines may not be the solution for every workplace. Some businesses prefer to supply snacks to their teams directly within the staff kitchen. Gnibl can help with this too, and at wholesale prices! Deliveries are made directly to your office kitchen so all you need to do is place your order whenever you need a top up.

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A worker snacking while holding a coffee cup and sitting in front of a laptop.
Gnibl Founder Nick Volpe with two women in front of a Gnibl vending machine in a workplace setting.

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